Oculus Rift and the Impact on Online Gaming
Early in 2016 we will finally find out if the science fiction writers and moviemakers were right or missed the mark completely, or at least if Oculus Rift, the Virtual Reality (VR) device lives up to the hype.

Addiction to online games up among teens
When Pramukh (name changed) tried online role-playing games, it was to satisfy his curiosity. Soon, he was hooked and was speaking, dressing and behaving like the fictional character he played online.

A Market Outlook on Online Gaming
One of the benefits the internet has provided over the years is access to a new, easier form of entertainment in the form of online games. There are many forms of entertainment on the internet but online games are the one we shall observe.

Charity Online: Gaming for Good
The online platform Gaming for Good has collected more than 18 million euros for worthy causes. Professional gamer BachirBoumaaza, aka Athene, is behind the project. He persuades producers to make their games available on the site free of charge.

Delaware records online gaming revenue jump in August
18 September 2015
The Delaware Lottery has said that the US state’s online gaming market experienced its most successful month of the year in August, with revenue up 12% on July’s total